Scoobi Development

Scoobi Development


Building scoobi should be as easy as sbt publish-local to build and install scoobi locally. An easy way to insure your applications are picking up your local version of scoobi, is by deleting the version that was downloaded from sonatype. It is stored at ~/.ivy2/cache/com.nicta.scoobi*:

Run the tests

sbt test will run the unit tests, as well as the tests in local mode. It's also possible to run the tests on a cluster too, with some fancy options (See testing guide)

User Guide / Docs

Are located at src/test/scala/com/nicta/scoobi/guide. They can be built with the command:

$ sbt
> test-only *UserGuide* -- html

and are built into target/spec2-reports/guide-SNAPSHOT/guide


We welcome pull-requests on github. We rebase commits aggressively (up until the point they land on master) to have a clean and linear history. So don't be surprised if the sha1 changes when it lands. As such, it makes our lives a lot easier if your commit is already based on master and all squashed down into nice logical commits.

Once landing on master, our build server will then run the full tests on our internal cluster -- and if everything looks good, a new snapshot will be published.